About Jay

Jay sees himself as a social artiste in which his belief lies in empowering disadvantaged children and youths with lifeskills through the use of circus arts. Educated in this philosophy by Cirque Du Monde in Melbourne’s National Institute of Circus Arts, his social circus work has taken him to train children and youths from various organisations in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia.

He is also the founder of Singapore based circus arts company, Circus In Motion where he and his team delivers contemporary circus shows. He has since taken his shows to more than 18 countries around the globe.


Le Petit Bar

 Le Petit Bar is a show with circus and balancing tricks centred on things you would find in a bar. On the menu are wine bottles capable of multiplying themselves. Audiences can also expect to see wine being paired with world’s most famous fried chicken, KFC. But alas, the chicken has other ideas and comes to life. Lastly, audiences would be kept on the edge of their seats as wine glasses are stacked and balanced in different ways on the edge of a knife.

J Show (Comedy Circus)

Jay kicks off the show with his fast paced devilstick routine and his signature crystal ball act. Watch as he manipulates the crystal ball making them float with haunting beauty. An engaging plate spinning routine with him twisting his arms and rolling his body in weird angles follows.

He then switches to his loud and crazy self, and conjures up a comedy escape act. In his escape act, Jay seems have lubricated hands as he teases the audience and escapes from his wrist shackle held tightly by two brass padlocks with ease. In his grand finale, Jay defies gravity yet again by as he juggles three razor sharp knives perched on top of his Rolla Bola tower. He has been featured in 14 countries around the world, such as Italy, Poland, Spain, Korea and the UAE.

Ping Pong Circus

Ping Pong, a big sport in Singapore in which Olympic medals are won. Presenting Jay Che, the greatest ping pong player from Singapore! He would be performing ping pong juggling and magic. Watch as he gets a volunteer to play invisible ping pong with him. The show gets funny as the volunteer contorts in weird and comedic positions as he plays his game.

He has been featured in 16 countries around the world, such as Italy, Poland, Spain, Korea and the UAE.



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