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Ping Pong Circus

Ping Pong Circus 

Ping Pong, a big sport in Singapore in which Olympic medals are won. Presenting Jay Che, the greatest ping pong player from Singapore! He would be performing ping pong juggling and magic. Watch as he gets a volunteer to play invisible ping pong with him. The show gets funny as the volunteer contorts in weird and comedic positions as he plays his game.
He has been featured in 16 countries around the world, such as Italy, Poland, Spain, Korea and the UAE.


Crowd in Ulica Krakow


Crowd in Pflasterspektakel Festival (Linz)


Overseas Performance

  • Kite Festival (Singapore)
  • Sentosa Buskers’ Festival (Singapore)
  • Flipside Festival (Singapore)
  • Incheon Clown Mime Festival (Korea)
  • DubFest (Dubai)
  • Dubai Marina Festival (Dubai)
  • Siam Street World Festival (Thailand)
  • Bangkok Street Show Festival (Thailand)
  • Bascheradis Festival (Italy)
  • Tainan Street Art Festival (Taiwan)
  • FOF Offida (Italy)
  • Anderson Festival (Italy)
  • KleinKlunst Insel Usedom Festival (Germany)
  • Barcelona Buskers’ Festival (Spain)
  • Tini Tinou Circus Festival (Cambodia)
  • BuskerBus Festival (Poland)
  • Ulica International Festival of Street Theatre (Poland)
  • Pflasterspektakel (Austria)
  • Straatkunstenfestival del mundo ( Belgium)
  • Cyrkopole Festival (Poland)
  • Gwangju Asia Fringe Festival (Korea)
  • Che Jella Festival (Italy)

Award / Special Prize